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Diamond bhasma (nanodiamond)

Diamond bhasma (nanodiamond)

Diamond bhasma(nanodiamond) is very effective for all disorders. Its believed to be excellent for severe rigid impotence. It's highly effective in total lack of erection. Its regardet as a medicine beyond comprasion, most effective in premature ejaculation and cancer. 5000 years old nanotechnology



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Heera Bhasma or nanodiamond is an Ayurvedic treatment prepared from grinded Diamonds. In Ayurvedic treatment it is used for cancer, tuberculosis, anemia, diabetes, obesity, etc. Another name for this medicine is Vajra Bhasma.


Vajra (Heera) Bhasma Uses:

It strengthens heart, works as an aphrodisiac,  rejuvenates your body, and acts as a catalyst, if used with additional Ayruvedic medicines.

It is also used in the treatment of asthma, infertility and inflammatory processes.


Diamond strengthens the kidneys and reproductive system and enhances Ojas. Diamond gives beauty, power and charm and enhances creative abilities. Its protects our life in extreme diseases.


Diamond bhasma is super tonic, nutritive and aphrodisiac. It's gives strength and firmness to the body, protects the life, and increases sexual power and Ojas. Only Zircon bhasma can be used as a substitute.


When Vajra Bhasma is blended with  Sidh Makerdhwaj  It relaxes the blood vessels of the penis which allows blood to flow into it, promoting a natural erection.


 Vajra Bhasma or nanodiamond is highly helpful for premature ejaculation & poor erection , caused by excessive intercourse, masturbation, weakness of penis muscles, sexual impotency, old age, diabetes, obesity and various other unknown causes.


 Heera Bhasma works by boosting the resistance and metabolic system of the body, while preserving natural health, virility, vigor, strength, vitality, power, stamina, energy, gives fulfillment by enhancing manly power, increasing the duration of love-making and as a result increasing self-confidence.


Nanodiamond can also be used for a number of sexual dysfunctions, nocturnal emissions, decreased quantity & quality of semen, premature old age syndromes, general physical weakness, depression, nervousness, anxiety and palpitations.


 Nanodiamond is an ideal Ayurvedic Medicine for people who wish to use it often to remain sexually fit & energetic in all ages under any circumstances.

Special properties of Heera Bhasma or nanodiamond:

 Hiraka(diamond) bhasma (nanopowder) is a reputed traditional drug introduced by ayurvedic system of medicine since antiquity. It's prepared from naturally occurring diamond by following traditional ayurvedic processes described in standard ayurvedic text. Genuine Hiraka bhasma is claimed to be an excellent remedy for heart troubles, which stops intense heart pains, stimulates heart functioning and imparts energy to dilated heart.


 Heera Bhasma balances the three humours of the body (Phlegm, Bile and Wind)  and is beneficial in curing impotency, increasing vigor, vitality, strength, virility, reducing mental weakness and spermatorrhoea.


It works effectively in contraction of veins and blood clotting and improves blood circulation. It is also a powerful tonic and antitumor agent   In Sanscrit or in ayurved, diamond is recognized as Hiraka. It's alternative names include "vajra", "abhedya" etc. As a principa; gemstone, its description and methods of identification are found in astrology. It's reference is also found in 'Mahabharat' and in 'Bhagwat' Hiraka is divided according to its color into four main classes as 1 white 2 red 3 yellow and 4 black. White Hiraka is the best while the black variety is not good. Another classification is based on male female  and impotent categories. There are also further sub classification


Chemical composition of Vajra Bhasm: Carbon - C


Heera Bhasma dosage:

8 milligrams 1-2 times per day before eating or 1 hour before intercourse or as instructed by Ayurvedic doctor. It is typically administered together with honey.


Vajra Bhasma side effects:

Take this medicine in an accurate dose.

Keep out of sight and reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.


Heera Bhasma or nanodiamond powder preparation:

Purified Diamond is mixed with equal parts of Purified Gandhaka, Rasasindhura and then well ground, then it is placed in a tightly closed container and heated up in absence of air to 800 - 900 degree Celsius, and allowed to cool down by itself. This process has to be repeated fourteen times to acquire Hirak Bhasma.